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CyberSense episode 5: Foreign Introductions

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CyberSense episode 5 'Foreign Introductions' script

  1. FADE IN: Office interior - daytime. SHAUN enters, wheeling his luggage. He looks weary and crumpled. His colleague MARK spots him.
  2. MARK - Hey, boss. Any luck with the laptop?
  3. SHAUN - No.
  4. MARK - Never mind. Hey, did you bring me anything?
  5. SHAUN - What?
  6. MARK - You know, any goodies from the conference?
  7. SHAUN throws a branded soft toy football at Mark, who fumbles the catch. MARK looks at it unimpressed.
  8. MARK - That’s it?
  9. SHAUN rummages around in his pocket and finds the USB key. He drops it on Mark’s desk. Shaun trundles off. Mark picks the USB key up with glee.
  10. MARK - Cool!
  11. MARK plugs the USB key into his computer and sits forward anxiously waiting for something to happen.
  12. GRAPHICS: An auto-run slide show starts of various, somewhat boring, IT products. Mark groans and slouches back in his chair, throwing the ball. We hear a crash and someone offscreen yelling. Mark winces. Close-up shot of USB still in Mark’s computer.
  13. CUT TO: Inside hackers' bunker - daytime.
  14. GRAPHICS: Inbox showing new mail received from compromised computer.
  15. EMILY - Incoming!
  16. ANUSHKA joins her - What have you got?
  17. GRAPHICS: EMILY accessing Mark’s computer.
  18. EMILY (voice-over) - Looks like someone's taken the bait and used one of our USB thumb drives. Thanks to the Trojan on it, we've got quite a few interesting documents by the looks of it.
  19. REWIND TO: SHAUN drops the USB key onto Mark’s desk. Mark picks it up with glee.
  20. MARK - Cool! (He goes to put it in his computer.)
  21. SHAUN - You’d better get IT to check it out first.
  22. SHAUN walks off and Mark picks up the phone. FADE OUT


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