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CyberSense episode 3: Gone in 60 Seconds

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CyberSense episode 3 'Gone in 60 Seconds' script

  1. FADE IN: Conference centre entrance - daytime. SHAUN passes a sign, '2pm: Can new technology provide all the answers? Colin Masters, BBV Logistics'
  2. CUT TO: Lecture hall - daytime. SHAUN takes a seat in the back. ANUSHKA sits down next to him.
  3. ANUSHKA - This should be very interesting.
  4. SHAUN - Yes, absolutely.
  5. SHAUN (recognition) - Have we met?
  6. ANUSHKA (holds out her hand) - We have now. Anushka Lavine. (They shake hands.)
  7. SHAUN - Shaun Strickland.
  8. ANUSHKA - What firm are you with, Shaun?
  9. SHAUN - I’m with the Department of Tenders actually. And you?
  10. ANUSHKA - Well, I...
  11. SHAUN’s (phone rings) - Excuse me. Shaun speaking. Hi Mark. Pardon? Sorry, I can’t hear you. Hang on.
  12. SHAUN walks away. ANUSHKA watches him leave the room, looks around, then picks up the laptop and leaves through another door.
  13. CUT TO: Hackers' bunker - daytime. Dark and dingy with a lot of computers and cables. ANUSHKA removes the hard drive from the laptop and then connects it to her computer with a USB cable.
  14. GRAPHICS: Anushka enables a password cracker. After a very short time the password is identified. She is then able to access Shaun’s Outlook PST file and comes across a lot of very interesting material. The laptop glow reflects off her face. She is beaming as she makes a call.
  15. ANUSHKA - Hi Dax, yeah, I’ve hit the jackpot.
  16. REWIND TO: SHAUN - Sorry, I can’t hear you. Hang on.
  17. SHAUN grabs his laptop and leaves. Annoyed, ANUSHKA moves further down the row and sits next to another man.
  18. ANUSHKA - This should be very interesting... FADE OUT


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