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CyberSense episode 2: Wireless Interference

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CyberSense episode 2 'Wireless Interference' script

  1. FADE IN: Conference hall interior - daytime. SHAUN is checking a conference guide when a ANUSHKA, masquerading as a promotions girl, approaches him.
  2. ANUSHKA - Free USB key?
  3. SHAUN - Ah, sure. What’s on it?
  4. ANUSHKA - First Line Products catalogue with fantastic discount prices for conference delegates.
  5. SHAUN - Great, thanks.
  6. Shaun pops it in his pocket, looks at his watch and walks out of the conference hall.
  7. CUT TO: Hotel lobby - daytime. Shaun sits down in a quiet corner and opens his laptop.
  8. GRAPHICS: Shaun’s screen. List of various wireless servers. He clicks on one titled 'Vista Hotel – free wireless'.
  9. CUT TO: EMILY looks around shiftily as she works on her laptop.
  10. GRAPHICS: Emily’s screen 'Host connected'
  11. CUT TO: Shaun commences a video call to his colleague MARK.
  12. GRAPHICS: Shaun’s screen. MARK in video window.
  13. MARK - Hi. How’s it going over there?
  14. SHAUN - Bit boring actually. Although the new technology seminar at two sounds interesting. I’ll keep you posted. Now where are we at with this tender?
  15. MARK (voice-over) - Well, only one company has factored in an environmental management system. But overall their tender is not as good as a couple of the others.
  16. CUT TO: Emily continues clacking away.
  17. GRAPHICS: Emily’s screen. 'Scanning for vulnerabilities', 'Attempting exploit MS11-067', 'Success. Uploading Trojan', 'Trojan running. Intercepting video'. EMILY smiles.
  18. GRAPHICS: Emily’s screen. Mark and Shaun’s video windows.
  19. SHAUN - Didn’t we make an EMS part of the selection criteria?
  20. MARK - Well, not specifically, but it was mentioned in the requirement. Look, we really need to make a decision on this today.
  21. SHAUN - OK, let’s run through the relative merits of the top three... FADE OUT
  22. FADE IN: TV newsreader - evening news.
  23. NEWSREADER - Top secret information on the frontrunners in a billion dollar government tender was intercepted over the internet by professional information trackers today. Hammond Industries, CLI and Blue Sky Technology are all demanding answers from the Department of Tenders on how this serious security breach occurred.
  24. REWIND TO: MARK - We really need to make a decision on this today.
  25. SHAUN - OK, but we’ll talk later somewhere more private on a secure phone. I’ll call you after the 2pm seminar. FADE OUT /li>


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